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Prohibited Items

*Hazardous Materials (oil, grease, acids, fertilizers, etc)
*Flammable or Combustible Materials
*Living things (plants, animals, yourself, etc)
*Wet or Strongly Scented Items
*Stolen Items or Illegal Drugs
*Perishables (food, liquids, carbonated pop, beer, boxes of dry kitchen foods etc)

Packing Your Space

*Leave small space between stored goods and unit walls to promote air circulation
*Place pallets, 2x4's, or plastic on the floor before storing items
*Leave a walkway to the rear of the unit
*Place frequently retrieved items near the front
*Place valuables in the rear of the unit
*Pack to the ceiling


*Apply a heavy coat of furniture polish before storing wood items
*Cover with old sheets rather than plastic (plastic may cause humidity buildup and mildew)
*Store couches on end, on a pallet to save space
*Store mattress and box spring on long ends, wrapped for protection, or pallets or 2x4's


*Completely fill all boxes (partially filled boxes may collaspe or tip)
*Pack heavy items in small boxes
*Seal boxes with masking tape
*Label boxes and keep a list of contents
*Place plastic under cardboard boxes to prevent absorption of moisture


*Throughly clean and dry before moving to storage
*Leave doors slightly open by placing a towel or cardboard between refrigerator doors and frame to prevent molding


*Clothing should be clean, dry, and packed in sealed containers, NOT garbage bags
*Place moth balls or cedar chips in with woolen items
*Wipe all metal with an oily rag before storing to prevent rust